Ralf Eyertt
Munich, Germany
All my professional life has ever since been influenced by my passion photography, I started with marketing studies and worked as a management consultant until 1985.

In 1986 I discovered my creative side and began with photography and montage as a creative designer. In these very early days of computing age I created my first montages with computer graphics and image processing. Some of these early artworks were displayed in exhibitions.

It was one of these unexpected moments which made me expand to a professional graphic designer.

A 10 year excursion as a marketing promoter in artist management began in 1996. At the same time I kicked off one of the very first music online magazines where I am the editor of still today.

I could work off my passion in both of these areas and this had a great influence on my further work.

I am a passionate people photographer. I like to show a person´s insight. And when the perfect moment is around I catch it with my camera, that true expression with magic impression. Not every shooting has that perfect moment, but those who do deliver the result I love to show in my pictures.
Of course I also do commercial and such other stuff, but my heart is with these very personal and intimate artworks.

My style
I am influenced by the glamour magazines of the seventies. I am fond of this colourful glamour look integrating today’s technical capabilities. Working with light and shadow using maximal depth of sharpness. I always focus on the face. Look into the face and you know how that person feels, it is entrance and exit of a person’s world and feelings. The eyes are the key to catch somebody’s meaning, eyes do not lie.
Each of my shootings is the result of relationship between the model and myself, the model’s eyes tell me the grade of that relationship. Consequently my pictures are the expression of this interpersonal relationship. Very rarely this relationship does not build up and the pictures give little satisfaction. But usually a relationship builds up which is sustainable. Most of the people I have made a shooting with stay friends with me. This opens the possibility to shoot with them again and each shooting unveils new facets. I love this process where expressive power gets stronger with every shooting. Trust is the most important element of that relationship between the model and me. Increase of trust automatically increases the expressive quality of the pictures. I want to mention Russel James who is my great ideal. In his coffee-table books one can feel and see this trust the model’s have on him and this allows him to show their beauty in a very new style. The models I shoot with are not on that Topmodel Level and therefore not that known in the world of magazines. Therefore I cannot really compare my pictures with his. My work stands for itself and I deeply wish the viewer will have the same emotions I had when making this picture.

Published In

Scorpio Jin Magazine
EVON Magazine
Surreal Magazine
Vigour Magazine
LORIUS Magazine
MALVIE Magazine
FUSE Magazine
Faddy Magazine
GMARO Magazine
GEZNO Magazine
Vigour The Fashion Art Magazine
Elléments Magazine
Moevir Magazine
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